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Population Health Management

Holistic approach | Better health outcomes | Reduce costs

Population Insights

Discover the potential of your existing data by visualizing meaningful dashboards based on health and social indicators.

These insights will help you recognize and understand patterns and trends in health. Insights also generate new knowledge and support evidence-based decision-making to improve the overall health and well-being of our population.

Community Healthcare

Complement your current model of care with a more personal community care approach that can provide the missing support for vulnerable segments of our population (i.e., the elderly and lower-income population).

Reduce avoidable health inequalities that address social needs that affect a person’s health. These programs focus on social support, healthy living, health care, and education.

Chronic care management

Optimize care for individuals with a chronic illness, like diabetes, hypertension, or obesity by implementing a data-driven solution.

The solution provides algorithms for risk stratification and electronic protocols, which stimulate adherence and support shared decision-making between the care provider and patient.

Health Procurement and Insurance

With healthcare’s value-based payment models being adopted at a rapid pace, health plans must employ the latest technology to help today’s claims management challenges into tomorrow’s opportunities.

Our solution supports the complete cycle from provider contracting (procurement), medical authorizations and claims processing to data extractions for new insights.

We’re a diverse team of passionate individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, dedicated to our mission of improving health and accelerating the well-being of the vulnerable in our population.

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